What’s My Real Name?

Kjirsty, Todd,  Shane, Smilin Schmidty, Joe......

Kjirsty, Todd, Shane, Smilin Schmidty, Joe……

What is my real name?

What is my real name?

I had gotten the ride, the room and the friendship for no money.  This is the true experience of abundance: five days at Red Ants Pants Festival. (http://redantspantsmusicfestival.com/)

Once in White Sulphur Springs I was on my own.  Robert, who made it all possible, had his own agenda.  He set up his tent and took the cooler to the campground area.  This is where I met my new friends.

I was walking to the tent Robert had set up.  The campground was in a very dusty field full of dried grasses and dirt.  It was hot.  Our tent was not the perfect shelter and as I approached it I found a camp that was awesome.  It even had a palm tree and pool; a plastic blowup that I later found out Shane had set up to cool off his feet.

I told these new pals that this is where I would hanging out so get used to me, introducing myself as Pam, a non-stick product.  I became known as ”Non-stick” by Smilin-Schmidty.  It was a great time playing mandolin with Joe as he strummed his guitar and sang.  Playing with him on Saturday earned the money to get into the show as my friends passed the hat.  I receive so much love from the folks there and the people that would casually stop by.

The friend who made it possible

Robert – The friend who made it possible.

Big Sky View of the Big Stage A panoramic viewRobert loves the music and the beer.

I sat in the middle of the whole event and took pictures of the view around me.  Montana has a big sky, especially in this area.  The concert was good.  The people were awesome.

Shane was like an old friend, like I already knew him.  He felt the same about me.  His wife had recently passed and he seemed to be a sensitive fellow but we had some laughs.  We both had the same brand of sandals which made our feet stink.  That was why he had the pool and palm tree set up.

One day he looked at me and asked me to guess his real name.  “What’s my real name?”

I said with confidence, “Michael.”  His mouth dropped open and he showed me his drivers license.  It said, Michael Shane Welch.

The synchronicity and magic that happen moment by moment reassured me that I was living in the present moment, that I had dropped the concerns of my small mind and was experiencing life as it really is.  This is what I strive for.  This is why I practice.

The stage is very very small.....The stage is very very small…..

New Pals

The tent is cover in bliss.

The tent is cover in bliss.

Snoozing in the back of the Vehicle.

Snoozing in the back of the Vehicle.

Festival Time

Bliss is friendship………………. even if it is only for a few days.  The way we interacted had an unconditional air about it.  No one was cynical or judgmental….well, except maybe Kjirsty.  But we all knew that was her constitution, her personality.  She is beautiful.

Bliss flags covered the tent in the campground.  I carried them with me and sold them to the people, randomly knowing who would want them.  I was happy to spread the love.  Blissful.

My young neighbors were enjoying their snooze.  I really met some wonderful young souls, Jesse from Sumatra being one of them.  He danced as if he were in a trance of bliss.  It was a deja vous deja vous….I asked him if I knew him and recalled that I had done that at another time, in another realm.  It seemed familiar like I was inside a dream.  He told me, “I am Jesse from Sumatra.”

Will it be the same next year?  I doubt it.  Everything is transient and passing.  The memories are all we have like waking from a dream and only remembering a fragment of information that is imprinted in our minds.  The emotions, the hormones and chemicals our brains make will be made every time we think about the event as if it were happening.  That is creation.

Robert called today.  He wanted to know about the Festival this summer.  http://redantspantsmusicfestival.com/

I hope ya’ll can make it.


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