“To use for our exclusive benefit what is not ours is theft.”  Jose Marti


If you have ever had something stolen from you, you probably felt violated.  Every time I felt violated.  However, I recall a time when I was young and foolish, not thinking of anyone but myself.  Maybe I even thought I deserved whatever it was I stole for the fact that I felt lack.  Taken things from other people only thinking that I wanted it or somehow …what?…..they wouldn’t miss it.  Or perhaps the victim of my thievery already, in my mind, had enough.  Well, enough is enough….and Karma will bring it right back to us at the Universe’s ( higher intelligence, God, etc.) own time, most likely when we need it.

I recently bought a creative writing collection at the local Hastings for some reading and bought it because its theme was “Theft.” The editor had written that theft is a complement and that the best writers steal making the idea “better.”  True genius.   It is true that artists have been borrowing from their surroundings forever, and with the intention of out-doing the other.  Such a competitive world we live in.  Yet, I can relate because I have had my art stolen and I think that these thieves probably have a strong desire to possess something they like and so, steal it.  But it saddens me because ART is personal; it has a story.  It is my life, my world and it was not respected or honored.  It was raped.

Now the rational and practical side of me simply realizes that I need to work this out, which is another personal issue, the psychological side or maybe the Karmic side and I am going to do what I need to release, let go and accept my loss.  So I go to the local pub which has everything I need: beer, people to tell my theft story to, and the internet so I can tell you.

First I asked a young couple in their mid twenties if they understood ART?  It may have been that I needed to tell my story about how someone stole a very unique and personal art piece which had been leaning up on the side of my art studio.002doc

I set it out right there near the window that says “soon be dead” because it is fragile if you bump it while I was cleaning up the studio.  I had also taken out some other art for cleaning and for re-varnishing.  Someone actually walked right up to this building and took the art.


This is a mixed media, part of a series I did called the “kitchen cabinet collection.”  And, it has a story.  The carving was done while I was working at Shidoni Art Foundry and Gallery in Tesuque, NM.  It is a well respected bronze art foundry north of Santa Fe.  One of my co-workers, whom I had also worked with at the first foundry, Weston, gave me the chunk of choya cactus.  What ?  you ask.  Yes, the choya cactus can develop a wood-like stalk that is not only beautiful, it is nice to carve.  I immediately saw the female, arms raised, in the chunk Alfonso gave me and refined the figure I saw.


The saddest part is that the person who took it will never know the story.  Their selfish desire over-powered any other possibility.  Such is the story of the human condition.  We all will continue to struggle with that part of us that does not love others as ourselves. Maybe we (as a species)  do not even know how to love ourselves so why would we care about anyone else when we have such a poor self image.

It concerns me that humans are so ‘ALL ABOUT ME’ without realizing we are in this together.

I feel violated.  I feel sad but I realize there is something good in this.  I remember waking up this morning and wanting some kind of sign… you know, “show me a sign.”  Well, my son has a friend visiting and he comes into my studio to see what it’s about.  He tells me that he doesn’t ‘get’ art and it is “something to do.”  I wanted to give him an example about the story using this particular art piece.  Then I couldn’t find it.  It was Sunday that I did the cleanup.  Some one stole it on a Sunday and today is Thursday.

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Painting with Pamela

Art is a Verb: Painting with Pamela is a fun time!!


I have been doing private painting parties in the homes of the host who picks the picture to paint and invites all the guests.  There is a great celebration experience with food, wine and other surprises.

My favorite part is seeing the amazing transformation in the guests, some who have never even painted before.  There is a connection to the mystical, magical and unknown part of each of us that we all feel a nature draw to experience.  These parties are where it happens.  Seeing someone find their inner artist is a wonderful and fulfilling experience for me as an artist.  I truly see and empowerment happening.

As an artist I have tried to sell and compete but all the while I knew deep inside there was more to it.  We are spiritual beings and creativity IS the place where we have great realizations of Creator, becoming that.  I create because I must.  Sure I would like to sell may work and live a worry free life, but I am happy to share my talents and see it blossom in others.

There is a new website where you may explore the magical places some of these new artist have discovered.

Check it out.  Book a party for your friends, loved ones and children.  LET’S PAINT013web       Kids painting buildings for the My City Mural project in Spokane, WA.  These small paintings will later go on a large 8×8 Mural in the city.


030webThe Whimsical Wine Glass

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What Is Love?

Moment by Moment

What is Love?  What is the real answer to that question?

When I think of my sons, it is giving with no thought of receiving

It is nurturing like an arrival to a safe, happy place

It is a union, a journey, like when someone relaates


Why can’t I feel like this all the time?

Why can’t I feel like this everyday?

I want to be in this all the time but opinions get in my way.


With my sons my love never ends

It can never go wrong or turn into indifference

I have never felt hate towards them

They are always forgiven and accepted

It is the love they call unconditional

Unconditional love


Beware what you tell yourselves children of light

demanding and judging will alter your sight

And forcing your way always leads to a fight

cuz nothing is wrong more than anythings right


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Be the Master of Your Personal Dream



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Tears of a Clown

What’s behind those lines of laughter

in the night

the quiet when no one is around to watch

Who is the watcher now?

The thinker or the observer?

Whose thoughts are these?

I no longer heard the wind

only the flow of phrases running through my mind

crying out

Course of confusion disabled

I am saddened by the hatred greed and anger

the way a man fights to protect what he thinks is truth

I laugh and play when I am with little children

the lines swirl on my face

dancing with pure joy

Yet deep inside when all excitement passing

the tears come again

and I cannot find an answer

cannot see beauty

lost the dance

tears of a clown


Robin Williams committed suicide this morning.  A comedy legend, he suffered from depression.  That seems to be an oxymoron and at the same time an incredibly profound statement about people and the duality that goes on in their minds.  No one can hear the internal dialogue that nags a soul.

“You are living in this world as one individual, but before you take the form of a human being, you are already there, always there.  We are always here.  Do you understand? You think before you were born you were not here. But how is it possible for you to appear in this world, when there is no you?  Because you are already there, you can appear in the world.  Also, it is not possible for something to vanish which does not exist.  Because something is there, something can vanish.  You may think that when you die, you disappear, you no longer exist.  But even though you vanish, something which is existent cannot be non-existent.  That is the magic.  We ourselves cannot put any magic spells on this world.  The world is its own magic.  If we are looking at something, it can vanish from our sight, but if we do not try to see it, that something cannot vanish.  Because you are watching it, it can disappear, but if no one is watching, how is it possible for anything to disappear?  If someone is watching you, you can escape from him, but if no one is watching, you cannot escape from yourself.”  excerpt from Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, Shunryu Suzuki.

It is easy to get bogged down.

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What Do You See When You Look Up Into the Sky?

So many of us see only what is outside through the tunnel vision of our own minds, our translations and interpretations. We have become stuck in a mole hole thinking we will be freed by our opinions and beliefs. What do you see when you look up into the sky? Ask yourself this question and then listen to your thoughts. They may deceive your true ability to see. The thoughts are connected to memory and are able to become delusional.

Robert Aiken, in his book, “Taking the Path of Zen,” describes delusion as “simply a distraction from the path of enlightenment and compassion.” He tells us that when we are caught up in delusion, we plan, scheme, tell ourselves stories. Or, we may have random thoughts and drift into a dream, influenced by memories, music or other senses and we fail to be present.


Michael Mkrtchyan’s music and video, “Falling into the Earth/ANHIDEMA,” takes us to the place described in the “Prajna Paramita Hrdaya Sutra.”

……”form is no other than emptiness, emptiness no other than form;
form is exactly emptiness, emptiness exactly form;
sensation, perception, formulation, consciousness are also like this.
Shariputra, all things are marked by emptiness-not born, not destroyed;
not stained, not pure, without gain, without loss.
Therefore, in emptiness there is no form, no sensation, formulation, consciousness;
no eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind;
no color, sound, smell, taste,  touch, thought;
no seeing, no thinking;
no ignorance and also no ending of ignorance
……..thus no fear.”
Anything is possible.Picture 019

What do you see when you look up into the sky? Then listen to your mind.


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Don’t Dis My Bliss


I say, “There is beauty in a rain shower.”  You respond, “I hate the rain.”

“Then the sun comes shining through the clouds as they part and it is so bright, so clean and fresh,” I respond with a more positive attitude.  I want to see beauty in all things.  I want to accept whatever is.

You are miserable, “I cannot work in the rain.  It makes the ground muddy and that will be tracked into the house.”

I want my bliss.  You want your pain.


Hold on to the pole.  You will not be blown away.  It is only your fear anyway.

Opinions keep us from having our bliss, our freedom.  We think they are who we are…our opinions define us; they give us our individuality.  It is a lie.  Opinions keep us stuck.  They keep us from our bliss.

Buy bliss flags….say a prayer for yourself and drop opinions.

Image  http://www.pamelavankirk

Don’t Dis My Bliss

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