The Big Blue M&M guy and the road trip back home.

001 002 003 004 006 007 008 009 010 012 013 016 043 044 045 054 055 057 058 059Last year around this time I took a trip to Santa Rosa, California.  Not only did I have granddaughters to visit, my Big Blue M&M guy had been left in Cali since 2004.  We were to be reunited again and the giant M&M guy would return to the town of it’s origin, Coeur d’Alene.

Coeur d’Alene is french for eye of the needle or heart of the awl which I rearrange to heart of the All, a twist on the words in my openly mystic style always seeing something beyond our three dimensions, always searching for that purpose of being.

So, I live in the heart of the All.  Who would want to live anywhere else.  There is nothing outstanding about the town.  It is nice, especially in the summer months, but what place is not good when the days are warm with just the right breeze, no bugs, a lake, a lot of outside seating on the main street, Sherman Ave.

Well now back to the journey of the M&M guy.  We tied him on the top of the old Subaru, a bungy net holding him secure, eyes starring up at the sky.  We cruise up the coast taking our time to enjoy life away from routines and relationships.  It’s just me and the M&M guy.

I guess Klamath is known to have Tsunamis.  Think of all the people who innocently thought the gods had opened the seas bearing the gifts of the ocean’s floor and of the fish left behind.  It must have appeared so very supernatural, of course a work of a god.  They rush toward the open floor excitedly collecting the dowry of the sea just before the consummation as an enormous wall of rushing water towers above the heads of men, women and children.

Life can be like a Tsunami, crashing down upon us as innocently as the people rushing to collect the bounty.  Each being so desires to have bounty; bountiful health, food, accommodations, joy, beauty, and on and on. Each of us desires pleasure over pain and yet creates painful dramas in order to feel.  This starts the domino affect.  The people rush to collect the bounty, to feel the pleasure, but alas, a wall of destruction.

I was recently told that in order for me to get into a gallery is to explain why I paint what I paint?  Why do I paint a wave?  Why do I paint more impressionistic and then abstract with a hint of realism.  This has been haunting me now for a while as I am not really able to answer this question.  It seems to me like asking the ocean, “why do you make waves?”

No wave is the same.  No painting is the same. The time at which it is created cannot be matched.  It is the true expression of spontaneity……………..of zen.  These photos are of the same beach and no wave is the same, no shadow, no reflection.

Hello mr. M&M guy.

Chewy is my dog.  She has been with me for 11 1/2 years and has traveled across the US with me through those years.  Chewy loves a road trip.

Now there’s a bus that would suit me.  I would travel and say to hell with the rest. I have had a great life and would love to just cruise…………..

We have finally arrived at out destination:  Matt’s house.  As you can see there are a lot of folks at the house.  We have a big family and the Big Blue M&M guy is happy to be a part of it.  Here we pick up  Aunt Susie and head back to the sweet town of Coeur d’Alene.

After the M&M guy got off the Subaru he hung out for awhile and then stayed with his brother, Auston.


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