Who Is The Fool?

In the Tarot the fool is zero or the missing number……or Nothing.  Johannes Fiebig says “the zero point defines your personal starting point, your place of unity with yourself, and the very core of your being.  It is the beginning and the end.  In Zen it is emptiness or the space between where the subjective and objective reside together.

As we start to understand consciousness more we realize that we are not [conscious].  Everything comes from the mind which is filled with imprints and memories, which I refer to as incomplete experiences.  Humans spend more time in their minds than in the present moment in consciousness and so the whole manifestation is a mosaic of incomplete experiences void of awareness. We live in a giant memory bank of things that are from our minds while the actual reality slips past unseen, unknown.

So, who is the fool?  One might think that it is the masses living in their incomplete memories.  But in truth the fool is the one who stops the mind and finds that place of unity within their very core.  In Zen this is referred to as NO MIND.


Upon observation of the painting, “Residual Impression”, one might think they see  a crow.  This is the mind at work searching for relationship and making up stories.  Yet, this is a painting that merely happened.  There was no plan, no idea, no reference. Many people only see what they can relate to from memories and so they miss the simple energy of the art.  People need to validate and share their interpretations of just about everything.  This is not foolish.  It is an artificial world view of mental formations.

Become the fool and you will be free.  There will be no reason to share your opinion and start wars, no reason to disagree or choose sides.  Each moment will be the experience and in that you will discover awareness.  As Johannes Fiebig says, “you are free not to know the answer or to change your point of view at will” when you are the fool.




About pamelavk

"When you become you, Zen becomes Zen. When you are you, you see things as they are, and you become one with your surroundings."
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