Are you a robot?

More and more I receive calls that seem to be from humans.  They sound like humans,  laugh and answer questions.  However,  I am pretty sure they are robots.

Today I answered the phone and, as usual, there was a pause.  Normally I hang up.  But now my curiosity has got the best of me.  It used to be people on the other line and because I would always say “no thanks” to whatever their cause, I felt bad and stopped answering.  The majority of my incoming calls are these solicitors.  Kind of a sad thing to think they always get hung up on or negative response so I have decided to answer only to discover these are not people.  Of course they are people voices and now even more refined because of the amazing technology we have, they sound like humans.  This last guy even laughed just before being disconnected.

Social security disability is what he was all about so I had a ready ear.  Then he asked me, “can you hear me alright?”  I said yes and asked him if he was a robot.  Sounding very human like, he asked, “why, is the connection bad?”  And then there was silence.  I never found out about Social Security disability and wonder why he disconnected with a laugh.  Wow.  He seemed real.

Then the thought crossed my mind, “does this work?” Do other people think they are real? Is it getting them the information about whatever the solicitor is selling?  And I can’t help but laugh at myself at the thought that we have become so automatic that we would not know the difference between a robot or a human.  It is quite sad that we have lost the ability to communicate with one another and yet we call our use of artificial intelligent devices communication.

Everything is transient.

I Was Once a Radio

In Zen the term duality is commonly used.  The idea is that we are not separate from anything and yet we have allowed ourselves to become so isolated and separate that we don’t even know robots are calling us.  Sophisticated robots. We already have a huge amount of duality within our lives, our selves.  The ego and the Self are constantly in a battle which appears to be natural in this world.  Rather than understanding Oneness we are growing the gap of duality from inside to outside and beyond.  Competition, opinions, capitalism, selling and forcing things upon us, turning education and healthcare into industries where we are the commodity, are all examples of the tools used to create duality and separation.

It is all consciousness and truly cannot be separate.  However, the illusion is as real as the robot that called me today.  Maybe we are all robots.


About pamelavk

"When you become you, Zen becomes Zen. When you are you, you see things as they are, and you become one with your surroundings."
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