American Collapse

We are experiencing an epidemic, a social virus, rippling out into the masses.  The American way has become so habitual that we actually think we have to live this.  But when I see information about the Worst Counties to live in or read how Costa Rica’s Lifespan has risen above ours because they have healthcare, I wonder what is really the issue?

So we Americans argue about the government and our health care situation, meanwhile we are starting to die young.  If you read the article above by Umair Haque he will fill you in with some amazing truths that we Americans seem to be in denial about, so busy in our worlds, all seeming separate, like no one world touches the other and thence: business as usual.  In the second link one starts to think about statistics and poverty and an unbelievable amount of reality right here in our America. We have terrible poverty but it isn’t necessarily of money.  There is a huge poverty of empathy, of knowing we will be cared for. One friend comments that we are the Greatest Nation.  I think, “great at what?”, deceiving people?  Great at separating us more and more, a little revolution amongst the population.  For Zen students the most important thing is NOT to be dualistic.

Now I noticed that there have been some serious earthquakes.  A sort of “Butterfly Effect” happening on the planet from the shakiness right here in America.  A distraught teenager has a random shoot out and we Americans call him a “killer” while we argue amongst each other about guns.  We argue about everything.  We point the finger and take no responsibility.  Those with guns are ready to shoot the “bad guy” but who is the bad guy?  We argue about more security, more police, more army to ‘what?’, protect us?  But if we are more connected than we believe, not separate, not different, then it appears we are fighting with ourselves when we could be the protectors.

Food for thought.

Sri Nisargadatta says: “All is because you are.”

So, what about this American Collapse.  What is your piece in the puzzle?

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About pamelavk

"When you become you, Zen becomes Zen. When you are you, you see things as they are, and you become one with your surroundings."
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