Presidential Election As Reality TV Show

TRUMP1 We have become more ignorant.  Our minds are so mushy that we actually believe in a Presidential Candidate because of his media popularity.  Oh WOW !! Yes he’s rich, whatever that means.  So he thinks he can buy the Presidency and say whatever he wants.  Ha Ha Ha.  Isn’t he funny.

One of my favorite clips is when Donald Trump was telling Jeb Bush to speak English….that all people who live in America should speak English…..Really??  We are the single country that has limited lingual abilities… Maybe Donny can’t sing.

So after hearing several things out of the mouth of Trump, I simply wanted to throw darts at him.  Then the idea came to me….ah ha!!  I will paint his portrait on a dart board and get people to throw darts at him and make a YouTube video of People throwing darts at him.  A few days passed and I thought….what the heck?  I may be outspoken, but I’m not an ass.  Donald Trump may actually have it but he lacks Wisdom.  Wisdom is Witnessing the words that come out of your mouth and if he wants the votes he needs to get the intellectuals on board, not just the brain injured people who watch Reality Shows…and Vote for their favorite by pushing buttons on a media device like my 2 year old grandson.

What has the Country come to?  Now we vote for our President like we vote for “theVoice”?   Now that’s Bliss if Ignorance is Bliss.  And, it is very scary.  We have some serious issues in America, which like Rome, reflects in all the other countries.

Art is supposed to SAY something.  Salvador Dali says to spread confusion, not eliminate it.  “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.” We are letting the Reality Media limit our True Vision.  This is why I made a dart board portrait.  Ahh, Sal would be proud.

You may be wondering why then did you make the dart board.  To throw darts because you hate Donald Trump right….nah.  I don’t hate.  After painting the man I actually love him more.  There is a realness, a beauty that he possesses.  People are so infiltrated with FAKE and REALITY bullshit, not to mention the falseness of our society and greatness as a country, that they welcome REAL.  Even with his ‘great hair’ he is the most real…..well maybe Bernie Sanders has a bit of it.

The most common thing people say as a response to the Donny Dart game is “paint one with Hillary on it.”  Well, this is not about that. I am not against or for anyone through the dart game.   Actually I am sick of the “gottcha”  junior high prepubescent attitude and bullying going on in politics.  It has been around for a while and it is extremely disturbing. When I see these adults debating and saying the most ridiculous stuff I fear for this country.  Obviously, it’s about ratings and Donald Trump gets a lot of ratings.  This is what I am trying to bring to the awareness of people.   When I see the candidates behaving in a more mature manner in discussion and debate….did any of them take a debate class???……I may take this election seriously.

As far as I can We are in trouble so, let’s play darts!!

copyright pamela van kirk 2015

copyright pamela van kirk 2015


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"When you become you, Zen becomes Zen. When you are you, you see things as they are, and you become one with your surroundings."
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3 Responses to Presidential Election As Reality TV Show

  1. pamelavk says:

    I painted this for the World!


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