Painting with Pamela

Art is a Verb: Painting with Pamela is a fun time!!


I have been doing private painting parties in the homes of the host who picks the picture to paint and invites all the guests.  There is a great celebration experience with food, wine and other surprises.

My favorite part is seeing the amazing transformation in the guests, some who have never even painted before.  There is a connection to the mystical, magical and unknown part of each of us that we all feel a nature draw to experience.  These parties are where it happens.  Seeing someone find their inner artist is a wonderful and fulfilling experience for me as an artist.  I truly see and empowerment happening.

As an artist I have tried to sell and compete but all the while I knew deep inside there was more to it.  We are spiritual beings and creativity IS the place where we have great realizations of Creator, becoming that.  I create because I must.  Sure I would like to sell may work and live a worry free life, but I am happy to share my talents and see it blossom in others.

There is a new website where you may explore the magical places some of these new artist have discovered.

Check it out.  Book a party for your friends, loved ones and children.  LET’S PAINT013web       Kids painting buildings for the My City Mural project in Spokane, WA.  These small paintings will later go on a large 8×8 Mural in the city.


030webThe Whimsical Wine Glass


About pamelavk

A Conservative Bohemian practicing zen in flesh. I am a versatile artist and musician thriving on creativity and hoping for human renewal through sharing. Activities of life include doing and really living so I have been successful. Choosing Joy and having Faith keep me productive.
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