I am a warrior

I sit upon my mat next to my death

Always with me, we are friends

I am here to overcome obstacles

And be at peace

Detached from everything

Death is stalkingwevweb

A master of choices

Living strategically the best without regrets

I am not in a hurry

For now I know what I am waiting for

And a warrior waits patiently

While my performance in life is ALIVE



Watch for allies in the smoke & everywhere

When I make friends with the ally

When I know the ally

I won’t need the smoke


The smoke has shown me many things

But most recently it has shown me my death

At first I was very afraid

Now I understand


I must be aware, practice everyday

Be a warrior day to day


About pamelavk

A Conservative Bohemian practicing zen in flesh. I am a versatile artist and musician thriving on creativity and hoping for human renewal through sharing. Activities of life include doing and really living so I have been successful. Choosing Joy and having Faith keep me productive.
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