One Way to See It

Zen in flesh is that moment of awareness that is uninterrupted with thought.

To paint a painting is to be zen.  Too much dialogue may interrupt a natural response.  The brain communicates through synopsis.  Patterns are developed and desire is increased with the familiarity.  Chemicals in the brain are responsible for our emotional responses.  When we lose the dialogue an automatic mechanism allows the artist to choose the color needed for the emotional desire created.

Translating this into our daily lives is quite preposterous and abstract.  However, the abstract carries the mystery.  It helps our internal dialogue stop telling us what is needed.  We begin to recognize things we did not see because our minds were filling up the spaces.  Our minds tell us what it should look like, what colors are right, what background we remember.  But when there is mystery the abstract takes us to a place of zen where there is no substance.

In the painting of the Bison there are many colors.  But if a color is actually all the colors it isn’t reflecting then the color that is seen is not really the color at all.  For example, the sky is not blue but all the colors it is absorbed with. The reflection is what we call blue.  This painting has layers of colors as well as reflective qualities.  It is as changing as time itself.  Each time it is viewed not only will it appear to look different it will change frequencies that affect how the viewer feels.  There is an unlimited way to see, not only one way to see it.

One way to see it is the ego at work defining and labeling.  It remembers and wants to put its view in there in order to stay alive.  The easy way out is to say “I don’t like this painting” or some other criticism.  Stop the chatter of the opinionated monkey mind.  That is when true seeing happens.



About pamelavk

"When you become you, Zen becomes Zen. When you are you, you see things as they are, and you become one with your surroundings."
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