Psychic Attack

It takes all of us.

It takes all of us.

“Who you are depends on the world you see yourself living in.”

Many new thought writers remind us that it is our thoughts that create our lives.  This is not a new idea to Buddhist and Zen philosophies.  It is a ongoing process of thinking and creating.  Thinking is going on in our sleep.  Our dreams are no more or less real as our daily lives.  We think about that first step as we rise from our beds to place the foot on the floor.  The foot then knows it is a foot.

Some say if we thing in the negative then we attract the negative to us, the universe being a giant magnet of sorts.  Therefore, if we think in the positive we attract positive experiences into our lives.  However, we might question why it is that we are thinking positive things but constantly come up against obstacles.

Rarely are we in a constant state of presence, knowing our thoughts or listening to the verbal ranter.  Often we take a simple thing like our breathing for granted.  Thoughts slip by, criticisms and complaints, comparisons and sarcasms, before we even realize what was thought let alone what may have been spoken.  This is what I recognize as “Psychic Attack.”

Recently in a conversation about a friend joining us in a business adventure I heard someone unconsciously blurt out a psychic attack.  “Oh, he will never do it!”  This is a common occurrence in casual conversations, but it got me thinking “what if?”  What if we thought this friend would do it and would be awesome in this particular business adventure.  What if we shared our positive thoughts and reassured this friend that he had the perfect personality for the venture.  What if we all thought we would succeed and reminded each other rather than sharing our negatives, our opinions and doubts.

If a thought, and more strongly, the spoken word is the beginning of creation it would seem that whatever is put out there into the vast universe will indeed affect the action.  I relate it to the ripples in the water when a leaf falls off the overhanging trees.  Say a big wind comes up and several leaves fall into the water.  We would see the ripples intersect with each other causing the direction to be change.  An obstacle would be created as the ripples find their way outward.  So it is with a psychic attack.  Words and thoughts about another person, no matter whether they are sincere or sarcastic, are like ripples that interrupt the direction that one may be going in.  Now, multiply this by the billions of people, their thoughts, opinions and doubts.

There is no wonder why the world appears chaotic.  It is similar to an ocean in a storm, winds coming from various directions, stirring the waters, increasing the size of the swells.  Our thoughts are the winds.  Often unconscious and destructive, stirring up anger and hatred we create a world of psychic attack and fear.

What if?


About pamelavk

"When you become you, Zen becomes Zen. When you are you, you see things as they are, and you become one with your surroundings."
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